Forget Googling Your Date, Do This Instead culmrkvwaaa3yn2

How much do you know about the person you’re dating? Let’s be honest. If you just met on one of those dating apps (or even if you hit it off at your local coffee shop), bringing up criminal history, crippling debt, or fake social media accounts will just kill the mood. And even if you do talk about it, do you think someone with a history of sexual assault or domestic abuse is going to be upfront and honest with you?

Thankfully, there’s an easy, anonymous way to unveil everything from arrest records to car loans on the person you’re sharing that drink with: InstantCheckmate. This site — which even the DMV uses for its background checks — has helped thousands of users uncover the truth about the people in their lives, and even find out things they didn’t know about themselves.

Here are our top 5 reasons you should do a background check before your next date:

1 – Are you dating a sex offender?
It could happen to you. Apps like Tinder, Bumble, OKCupid and other dating sites don’t run a background check on your potential matches. Even if your date doesn’t seem capable of it, you really never know. Instant Checkmate could tell you if your date has a violent past.

2-Are you being catfished?
Is your date really who they say they are? A background check can show you if they have multiple social media profiles — even ones under different names. You can also see if they are married already, have kids, and what their real age is. The last thing you want is to fall in love with someone who has faked everything.

3-Does your date have an addiction problem?
Multiple drug and alcohol offenses are a huge red flag for addiction. If you find that your date has a history with drug abuse, selling drugs, or DUIs, then it’s something you should at least talk about. If your date is a recovering alcoholic, maybe going out for a drink isn’t the best idea. These offenses usually carry steep financial burdens with them as well, which leads to our next reason to get a background check: debt.

4-Are you dating someone who is neck-deep in debt?
It’s always best to know what you’re getting yourself into. If your date is secretly racked with crippling debt and things get serious, they may begin asking you for money — or worse, convince you to get married for their own self-interest. Knowing the facts can protect you in the future.

5-Is your date a liar?
When you do a background check, you may find some of your date’s past mistakes. It’s okay. Nobody’s perfect. Plenty of people have had a DUI or student loan debt, and it’s the last thing that they want to bring up.

But, once you know the truth it can open a door for discussion. If your date lies to you, then that should ring an alarm. However, if they own up to it, then you can get their side of the story and even become closer as a couple.

Subscribing to InstantCheckmate gives you access to unlimited instant background checks so that you can make sure you’re dating the right person. You should even do a background check on yourself so you know what’s out there — and don’t be surprised if your date researches you, too. Before you meet in person, make sure you arm yourself with knowledge so you can find love without any bad surprises.

Don’t you Dare run behind someone that Don’t want YOU



“We’re not alone. We are complete in Christ Jesus. We lack nothing. We are 100% complete in Christ. If the door shuts in a relationship, then He has a better door for you. If we seek the Kingdom first and his righteousness ALL things will be added unto you!”

 ” I am valuable. I am irreplaceable. I am uniquely gifted to live this life in a manner that honors my God and brings me peace. Done with living the lie.”

” I forgot my two nieces Shanice Walker and Ahisha Walker I’m tagging these young adults that are single and even some that are married I’m applying to myself as well this so powerful!”

 ” My GOD! i walk away from that dead marriage over 6yrs ago I’m FREE! FREE! FREE! GOD has delivered me from the pain,heart ache,disappointment,on my way to a higher calling in Christ Jesus…”

Great message and advice! Thank you for sharing your wisdom!
” It was the best thing that ever happened to me! You can’t make anyone love you. It must be given freely!!”
 ” You’re the best Spiller. My favorite message. Thank GOD I have an amazing husband, but this applies to so many other areas of my life”😬😬

“Thank you Brother this is True. It all begins with an individual LOVING themselves. THERE IS ONLY ONE OF ME!!!!!! This has Blessed my Soul….I AM VALUABLE!!!!! I receive this in the Mighty Name of Jesus!!!!!”

“Why run behind somebody when there’s somebody else willing to ride with you?”
“Remember when you are Being Rejected It is God Protecting the Profection That God Has in You Because He Knows All Remember Count IT All Joy. 😀🌞💘 There is Nothing Greater than Gods Love. Amen”

“I’ve been lock down since 2004. Love it, I don’t give a damn about what others think. As long as I have God and Jesus, I need no other. I love me, just as I am, always did.”

“I’m on LOCK DOWN & will remain on LOCK DOWN until THE MOST HIGH show me who he is for me & when TMH sends it to you HE leaves nothing to question you know w/out a doubt it’s from HIM”
“Amen! When you close the door, they finally see , but it’s always to late! Grandma said it will come a time when they want you, but you don’t want them!”

God is good. Glad he used you. I just told my grand daughters this same thing. Thank you for sharing this video. I am passing it on.




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