Fashion Tip #1 for Over Fifty

Wear clothes that skim your silhouette . Don’t try to hide your body, streamline it.
Step One: Understanding Your Wardrobe Needs
You can save thousands each year by taking the time to understand what your wardrobe is lacking.
 Are you guilty of impulse purchases or buying new things just because you like them but then either struggle to wear them or only wear them one time?
 Do you really need the pieces you’re randomly adding to your wardrobe?
 Simplifying your wardrobe starts with understanding your wardrobe needs, what it’s lacking, and what you should add to your wardrobe to create a more functional space.
Sure, it may take a few hours out of your day to go through your wardrobe, but this step will save you a ton of money in the long run and help you avoid wasting time aimlessly browsing the web or mall buying pieces because you think you need them.
 My three-step process covered in my wardrobe building eBooks will make sifting through your wardrobe easier and quicker and help you focus on what you need to do to build a better wardrobe and stop wasting your time and money.

Step Two: Styling For Your Body Type

 You feel much more confident when you know how to coordinate your outfits to flatter your figure.
 Do you find yourself ruling out specific styles; such as sleeveless garments because you want to hide your arms?
 Avoid fitted tops because you want to hide your stomach?
 Or think you can’t pull off a shorter hemline; such as a dress or shorts because you feel they don’t look right on you?
 You pick apart most garments, ruling them out, and limit yourself to just a few pieces.  So, feeling stuck with what to wear is a common issue you will face.
 But, with every problem, there is a solution.  For example, add a layer with a sleeveless top as a way to hide your arms.  Or, add a layer to a fitted top and opt for a mid to high rise pant as a solution to hiding your stomach instead of hiding underneath your clothes.
 You always have options.
Ease your way into new styles and fits with the 100 outfit combinations I’ve created, showing you different ways to play with proportions, different fits, lengths, and layers.
 Step Three: Picking Pieces That Show Off Your Sense Of Style
 Feel more stylish in clothes that show off your style.
 You probably already have an idea of the style that you gravitate towards, but trying to figure out the right pieces to add to your wardrobe and how to put together your outfits that will show off this style is the challenge.
 What style of clothes? What colors or prints? What shoes? And accessories? Are just a few of the questions you’re asking when it comes to achieving the style you want.
 I provide you with different options – clothes, shoes, and accessories to add to your wardrobe, where to shop them, and how to style them to show off your style in my wardrobe building eBooks.  You’ll learn what pieces to add in for three different styles – (1) Trendy, (2) Classic and On-Trend, and (3) Classic.
Feel more confident putting together outfits around:

Summer Fashion Flattering for Women Over 50

I’d Like to Look In-Style This Summer

I am over fifty and looking for some great summer fashions. Looking over the trends, I am looking for some outfits that I will enjoy wearing and that can give me a style that looks good without looking too young—you know, the “trying too hard” and “No, she didn’t!” look.

Yes, what I want is breezy, easy-to-wear fashion that has an edge of the trend, but will carry me through the summer. I want some panache in my wardrobe. There are plenty of women like me . . . we’ve put on some pounds, they have realigned our body in ways that mean the old styles of the past need to be abandoned, but we still want to look stylish.

So, what to wear? I’ve been trying to find some great looks and to readjust my clothes, makeup, and hair style to maximize my good features.

Those features are just different from when I was twenty.

Here is the result. Tips and things from my wishlist to share with other women over fifty. May we continue to look great and to find what is best for us to grow and thrive.

If you want to look good, if you want to feel good, you can.

Here are some basic tips for you before we move ahead:
  • Keep your makeup minimal. Dark makeup isn’t for summers. Make elegance your goal and keep it light
  • Same goes for accessories. One trendy accessory you can include in your jewelry box is a pearl necklace and pearl studs. RECOMMENDED: Dressing Styles for Women Over 50 -18 Outfits for Fifty Plus
  • The best colors for summers: pistachio green, sky blue, bright yellow and white.
  • Clothes to avoid: those which reveal too much saggy skin.
A Glimpse At Some Of The Basicsdownload (6).jpg

From The Outfit Guide:

Use This As A Guide To Turn Your Pieces Into New Outfits:

 That top you’ve been struggling to wear again, pick any outfit from the guide, swap out a top for it and you’ll instantly have a new outfit:

Or, those sandals you bought on an impulse but can’t figure out how to wear it, pick an outfit, you now have 100 different outfits for them…

This Helps You Create A Wardrobe That Makes It Easy To Look Good.


An easier way to dressing – a complete list of the different casual and dressy basics you can style with anything

A more focused way to shopping – access to a private online shopping guide with handpicked items for you to shop

How to dress – over 100 different ways to mix, match, and accessorize your outfits surrounding the basic pieces that you can wear in and out of the office, year-round

 Update Your Wardrobe.  Feel More Confident, Be More Stylish!

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